Saturday, 22 December 2007

22nd December 2007

Royal Trux: Blue Is The Frequency
Nathan Michel: Suds
Tom Tom Club: Elephant
Storm And Stress: Micah Gaugh Sings All Is All
Big Star: September Gurls
Autechre: Gantz_graf
William D Drake: Kiln
The Wonderstuff: Ten Trenches Deep
Goodiepal: [5" Single With Silly Unreadable Name]
Silent Phase: Spiritual Journey
Godiego: Galaxy Express 999
John Kongos: He's Gonna Step On You Again
Vanessa Carlton: A Thousand Miles

Saturday, 15 December 2007

15th December 2007

Tractor: Make The Journey
Lo-Fi-Fnk: The End
The Shirts: Operetico
Germ: 7 Ww N Ww
Yes: Five Per Cent For Nothing
The Fall: Passable
Soft Circle: Sundazed
Beyondo: Another Me
Ultra Vivid Scene: Lightning
Pissed Jeans: I've Still Got You Ice Cream
Trans Am: 4,738 Regrets
Mouse On Mars: Unity Concepts
Devin Townsend: Planet Rain

Saturday, 8 December 2007

8th December 2007

Steely Dan: Bodhisattva
Cosmic Dennis Greenidge: The Amazing Colossal Cucumber Man
Skeletons & The Kings Of All Cities: Like It Or Not
Silverlink: Mice
The Curtains: Show Me The Way Things Work
A Frames: Black Forest
Leoncie: Satan City
The Mothers: Fifty-Fifty
Jim Of Seattle: Welcome To Windows
Panda Bear: Good Girl / Carrots
John Maus: Sex With God
Trans-X: Digital World
Nicolette: Wicked Mathematics

Saturday, 1 December 2007

1st December 2007

Magma: Üdü Wüdü
Fresh Air: Running Wild
Feadz: Edwrecker
Fred Frith: Navajo
The Flying Lizards: Gyrostatics
Snuff: City Baby - Attacked By Rats
Robert Mitchum: Tic Tic Tic
The High Llamas: Ill-Fitting Suits
Daft Punk: Burnin' (backwards)
The Divine Comedy: Count Grassi's Passage Over Piedmont
Takako Minekawa: Plash
Jak & Stepper: Send.A
Tom Northcott: Sunny Goodge Street
Nino: The Gun (I See It Around Me)

Saturday, 24 November 2007

24th November 2007

Bow Wow Wow: C'30, C'60, C'90 Go
The Jonny Teupen Group: Tropical Scene
Dillinger Escape Plan: When Acting As A Wave
Roy Vedas: Fragments Of Life
Steak OST: SkateSteak
Tyondai Braxton: Violent Light Through Falling Shards
Ween: Pandy Fackler
Dirty Projectors: No More
Sparks: (Baby, Baby) Can I Invade Your Country
Van Morrison: Ringworm
Funkadelic: You Hit The Nail On The Head
The Laughing Dogs: It Feels Alright Tonight
Bappi Lahiri: Jimmy Jimmy Aaja
Gang Of Four: Love Like Anthrax
Andrew W.K.: Pushing Drugs

Saturday, 17 November 2007

17th November 2007

My Bloody Valentine: You Made Me Realise
The Art Of Noise: The Chameleon's Dish
Daniel Johnston: Casper The Friendly Ghost
Sebastien Tellier: Zombi
Godley And Creme: I Pity Inanimate Objects
Jan Hammer: Airwolf
Samantha Jones: Today (Without You)
Final Fantasy: Peach Plum Pear (Live)
Ron Geesin: Frenzy
Solex: Yadda Yadda Yadda No. 1
Mercury Rev: Snorry Mouth
Cowcube: The Popping Song
Joni Mitchell: The Hissing Of Summer Lawns
Gong: Eat That Phone Book Coda
Akiko Yano: Canton Boy

Saturday, 10 November 2007

10th November 2007

Tracey Ullman: Breakaway
Human Chain: Lucky
Caleb: Woman Of Distinction
Basti: Man At CIA
Richard H Kirk: Hipnotic
Tin Huey: Coronation
The Chap: The Horse
Slapp Happy/Henry Cow: A Worm Is At Work
Out Hud: This Just In (Intro)
Animal Collective: Sweet Road
LiLiPUT: Hitch-Hike
Ariel Pink: Higher And Higher
Ark: Le Magicien D’Os (Mr Oizo Remix)
Cardiacs: Fiery Gun Hand
4tRECk: FrogJig 4b
Hüsker Dü: Dreams Recurring
Moebius, Plank & Neumeier: Speed Display
The Hospitals: Happy Jack
Von Südenfed: Dearest Friends

Saturday, 3 November 2007

3rd November 2007

"Blue" Gene Tyranny: Next Time Might Be Your Time
Black Dice: Manoman
Zach Hill And The Holy Smokes: Mountains In Thy Chest
George Duke: Stand
Oorutaichi: MISEN Gymnastics
The Old Signs: Hands Free Mic
The Flaming Lips: When Yer Twenty Two
Kevin Blechdom: What You Wanna Believe
The Monsoon Bassoon: Flamingo Lawn
Trans Am: Cold War - Bombs & More (A Grape Dope)
The Wallace Collection: My Way Of Loving You
Kimitaka Matsumae: Dekanime Theme
The Fabulous Entourage: L Ron Hubbard
Goodbye The Band: Sky Tiger

Sunday, 28 October 2007

27th October 2007

Neil & Iraiza: Fez (Men Working)
Rip Rig & Panic: Beat The Beast
Jiri.ceiver: Stitch (Sponsor’s Edit)
Todd Rundgren: An Elpee’s Worth Of Tunes
Renaldo & The Loaf: Hats Off Gentlemen
Alèmayèhu Eshèté/Hirut Bèqèlè: Tèmèlès
Cornelius: Breezin’
Lime: On The Grid
Gentle Giant: Give It Back
Caribou: Desiree
The Waitresses: The Comb
Steve Vai: Little Green Men
They Came From The Stars, I Saw Them: Signals
Unit 4+2: I Will
Vicious Pink: CCCan’t You See

Saturday, 20 October 2007

20th October 2007

Stars In Battledress: Remind Me Of The Thames Or Else
Eskaton: If
Mu: Afro Finger
Um: When Yr Ten
Warm Sounds: Birds And Bees
Simon Bookish: Prince Of Wales
Pere Ubu: Birdies
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box: Dough-Nuts Town's Map
Cluster: Umleitung (Diversion)
Rarely Seen Above Ground: Counting Down
Safetyword: Skull Moneybox
Cobra Killer: Six Secs
Mr Flash: Eagle Eyes
Devo: Dr Detroit
Andrew Poppy: Inside The Wolf
Hanne Hukkelberg: Little Girl

WFMU Listener Hour (20th October 2007)

Manfred Mann’s Earthband: Can’t Eat Meat
Illreme: Kyou Wo Tou
10cc: Clockwork Creep
IQ: Beef In Box
Jensen Sportag: Cocktease
Madness: Primrose Hill
Desmotabs: Gaseous Exchange At The Alveoli
Van Dyke Parks: Datsun Commercial
Lilys: A Nanny In Manhattan
Sesame Street: Milk, Milk, Milk
Island Of Death OST: Get The Sword (?)
Kimitaka Matsumae: Dekanime Theme
Trio: Ja Ja Wo Gehts Lank Peter Pank Schönen Dank
Mr Oizo: Patrick122
Todd Rundgren: I’m In The Clique
R Stevie Moore: Funny Child
Kate Bush: Sat In Your Lap
The Art Of Noise: Snapshot
Connie Stevens: Sixteen Reasons
Paul Williams: So You Wanna Be A Boxer

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Saturday, 29 September 2007

29th September 2007

The Fugs: Crystal Liaison
Bill Nelson: Hope For The Heartbeat
Patrick Gauthier: Le Grand Maître-Orient
Autechre: Fold 4 Wrap 5
Jonathan Bepler: Pace Of The Novitiate
Theoretical Girls: US Millie
Mirrorman Moore: Generic Blonde
Thinking Plague: This Weird Wind
Mr Oizo: Intra
Agaskodo Teliverek: The Gay Hussar
Van Dyke Parks: Cannon In D
Karel Fialka: Exude When I’m Bruised
Stevie Wonder: Contusion (MIDI file)
The Ladies: Empathy On A Stick
Mark Mothersbaugh: Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op
Lilys: Socs Hip

Saturday, 7 July 2007

7th July 2007

Paul Piacentini: Out Of My Box
Need New Body: Show Me Your Heart
Shawn Phase Proswell Ilkae: Ponoca
Authority: Muntern Ridge
Harry Merry: Bye Bye (Here's Some Stuff)
Moondog: Down Is Up
Haruomi Hosono: Sports Men
Coolhaven: Drei Kase Hoch
Marnie Stern: Grapefruit
Mathematiques Modernes: Boy Be My Toy
Milt Herth: Swamp Fire
Tipographica: And Then Last Ship Is Going
Gary War: Standards Of Boredom
The Homosexuals: Vociferous Slam
Justice: Newjack