Saturday, 7 July 2007

7th July 2007

Paul Piacentini: Out Of My Box
Need New Body: Show Me Your Heart
Shawn Phase Proswell Ilkae: Ponoca
Authority: Muntern Ridge
Harry Merry: Bye Bye (Here's Some Stuff)
Moondog: Down Is Up
Haruomi Hosono: Sports Men
Coolhaven: Drei Kase Hoch
Marnie Stern: Grapefruit
Mathematiques Modernes: Boy Be My Toy
Milt Herth: Swamp Fire
Tipographica: And Then Last Ship Is Going
Gary War: Standards Of Boredom
The Homosexuals: Vociferous Slam
Justice: Newjack

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ilkae said...

whoah! thanks for the airtime!