Saturday, 29 September 2007

29th September 2007

The Fugs: Crystal Liaison
Bill Nelson: Hope For The Heartbeat
Patrick Gauthier: Le Grand Maître-Orient
Autechre: Fold 4 Wrap 5
Jonathan Bepler: Pace Of The Novitiate
Theoretical Girls: US Millie
Mirrorman Moore: Generic Blonde
Thinking Plague: This Weird Wind
Mr Oizo: Intra
Agaskodo Teliverek: The Gay Hussar
Van Dyke Parks: Cannon In D
Karel Fialka: Exude When I’m Bruised
Stevie Wonder: Contusion (MIDI file)
The Ladies: Empathy On A Stick
Mark Mothersbaugh: Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op
Lilys: Socs Hip

1 comment:

abraham-araujo said...

yo max! what you up to??
new sounds and stuff
i know it take longs to record
and arrange stuff, anyways!
mad happy greetings from caracas venezuela!