Saturday, 8 December 2007

8th December 2007

Steely Dan: Bodhisattva
Cosmic Dennis Greenidge: The Amazing Colossal Cucumber Man
Skeletons & The Kings Of All Cities: Like It Or Not
Silverlink: Mice
The Curtains: Show Me The Way Things Work
A Frames: Black Forest
Leoncie: Satan City
The Mothers: Fifty-Fifty
Jim Of Seattle: Welcome To Windows
Panda Bear: Good Girl / Carrots
John Maus: Sex With God
Trans-X: Digital World
Nicolette: Wicked Mathematics


djwrongspeed said...

great tunes for a thoroughly dull/cold/wet day

Anonymous said...

great tunes for an extremely dull/wet/windy/cold day, keep'm comin

Vee said...

I was channel surfing on my phone when I heard Bodhisattva by Steely Dan. I decided to stick with this channel and was blown away. Damn! I haven't been this excited by music for a looooong time. The stuff you put out was mad, bad, invigorating and gave me hope that today's music is not just X Factor winners and so-called indie bands with names starting with "The".

Gawd bless you, sir. I will do my very best to plug into some aural excitement every Saturday from now on and I will be telling all my thirsty friends. The best of luck to you and keep it coming.


dobson said...

Max, I listened to and enjoyed today's show - did I hear you right that you mentioned that you have a podcast feed of the show audio?