Saturday, 29 May 2010

29th May 2010

Klark Kent: Office Girls
Osborne: Afrika (Bullion Remix)
Railroad Jerk: Don't Be Jealous
Toumani Diabaté: Elyne Road
Von Südenfed: Fledermaus Can't Get It (Hooloo Rock)
Goodiepal: Lick Lick Flick Flick (Mainpal Inv)
Talking Heads: Moon Rocks
Dominique Leone: I'm The Police
Ann-Marie: With Or Without You
Jocelyn Pook: Migrations
Squarepusher: Vic Acid
Half Man Half Biscuit: Monmore Hare's Running
The Rip Off Artist: This Is Static
The Flaming Lips: Miracle On 42nd Street
What A Fool Believes (MIDI file)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

22nd May 2010

The Chap: We Work In Bars
Caleb: Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad
Gold Panda: Before We Talked
Lou Reed: Stupid Man
Sax Ruins: Komnigriss
High Places: On A Hill In A Bed On A Road In A House
Omar Souleyman: Hot Il Khanjar Bi Gleibi (Stab My Heart)
John Cooper Clarke: The It Man
Bob Drake: Plinth Shriveller
Rum & Black: Slaves
Francis Poulenc: Alerte (performed by Nelly Van Doesburg)
De De Mouse: Hill Girl Steps
The Advisory Circle & Belbury Poly: And The Cuckoo Comes To Belbury
Autechre: Known(1)
Black Dice: Twins
Cardiacs: Blind In Safety And Leafy In Love

Saturday, 15 May 2010

15th May 2010

Rhodri Marsden's Rotogravure #2!

Daryl Hall: NYCNY
Jake Thackray: La-Di-Dah
15-60-75: Here In The Life
HTV Wales Ident
The Good News: Girls
Bobby Caldwell: What You Won't Do For Love
Bogshed: Can't Be Beat
The Magic Band: Japan In A Dishpan
Gonzalez: Let's Ride
Leoncie: Killer In The Park
Ken Campbell: excerpt from Wol Wantok
Dora Brilliant: Thud
St Vincent: Marrow
Idjut Boys feat Phil Collins: I'm Not Moving
God Is My Co Pilot: 2 Meats
The Left Banke: And One Day
The Scaramanga Six: Last Roll Of The Dice

Saturday, 8 May 2010

8th May 2010

Rhodri Marsden's Rotogravure #1!

Simon Bookish: The Alsatian Dog
Dirty Projectors: Remade Horizon
Charlie Penrose: Laughter At The Old Bassoon
Stretchheads: Skinrip
Gary Toms Empire: Welcome To Harlem
London Snorkelling Team: TV In The Schoolhouse
An Alice In Wonderland mashup thing
Ed Tracy: Girl's Got A Habit
Azymuth: Aguia Nao Come Mosca
Rancid Hell Spawn: Sex In A Butcher's Shop
Findo Gask: Va Va Va
Eek A Mouse: Modelling Queen
Pomplamoose: Telephone
Magma: Üdü Wüdü
Sneaker: More Than Just The Two Of Us
Wigwam: Pedagogue