Saturday, 8 May 2010

8th May 2010

Rhodri Marsden's Rotogravure #1!

Simon Bookish: The Alsatian Dog
Dirty Projectors: Remade Horizon
Charlie Penrose: Laughter At The Old Bassoon
Stretchheads: Skinrip
Gary Toms Empire: Welcome To Harlem
London Snorkelling Team: TV In The Schoolhouse
An Alice In Wonderland mashup thing
Ed Tracy: Girl's Got A Habit
Azymuth: Aguia Nao Come Mosca
Rancid Hell Spawn: Sex In A Butcher's Shop
Findo Gask: Va Va Va
Eek A Mouse: Modelling Queen
Pomplamoose: Telephone
Magma: Üdü Wüdü
Sneaker: More Than Just The Two Of Us
Wigwam: Pedagogue

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