Saturday, 22 May 2010

22nd May 2010

The Chap: We Work In Bars
Caleb: Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad
Gold Panda: Before We Talked
Lou Reed: Stupid Man
Sax Ruins: Komnigriss
High Places: On A Hill In A Bed On A Road In A House
Omar Souleyman: Hot Il Khanjar Bi Gleibi (Stab My Heart)
John Cooper Clarke: The It Man
Bob Drake: Plinth Shriveller
Rum & Black: Slaves
Francis Poulenc: Alerte (performed by Nelly Van Doesburg)
De De Mouse: Hill Girl Steps
The Advisory Circle & Belbury Poly: And The Cuckoo Comes To Belbury
Autechre: Known(1)
Black Dice: Twins
Cardiacs: Blind In Safety And Leafy In Love

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