Saturday, 11 July 2009

11th July 2009

Alphabeat: Fascination
Devin Townsend: Mountain
Todd Rundgren: Song Of The Viking
Wiley: Pingu (Todd Edwards Re-Edit)
Secret Chiefs 3: Ritual Of The Cup - Lapis Baitulous
Evil Superstars: It's A Sad Sad Planet
Sister Suvi: Champion
Adrian Belew: The Man In The Moon
North Sea Radio Orchestra: Guitar Miniature #2
Growing: Lens Around
Mission Of Burma: Outlaw
Raymond Scott: Ohio Bell - Thermo Fax
Jeff Phelps: Summertime Lover
Mahavishnu Orchestra: Cosmic Strut
Comus: Figure In Your Dreams
Stock, Hausen And Walkman: Hairy Globe
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names: Seems To Be On My Mind

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Arthit said...

Alphabeat and Adrian Belew in the same playlist. This is absolute brilliant!