Saturday, 27 March 2010

27th March 2010

James Larcombe's Rotogravure #2!

Moebius: Love In The Afternoon / Intermission
Arch Garrison: Peekaboo
Cheval De Frise: Fresques Sur Les Parois Secrètes Du Crâne
Zag And The Coloured Beads: Ekim Bey
Fiona Larcombe: The Faithless Shepherd
Valentin Clastrier: Migration 4
Mr And Mrs Smith And Mr Drake: Dergo
Extra Life: Blackmail Blues
Shudder To Think: Earthquakes Come Home
Billy Pigg: Crookit Bawbee / Blll Charlton's Fancy
Richard Larcombe: Wisdom And Beauty
Max Tundra: Number Our Days

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Hannah Forward said...

Wow - thanks for the introduction to Zag and the coloured beads! Really enjoyed the show, cheers James.