Saturday, 19 September 2009

19th September 2009

7" Special #2!

Eric Matthews: Fanfare
The Flying Lizards: Money B
E.T. Speaks
Badfinger: Come And Get It
Henri Chopin: Alphabet Et Glotté (Excerpt)
Andrew W.K.: Don't Sell Hot Dogs Tonight
Clear Spot: Moonman Bop
Johnny Standley: Clap Your Hands
Karel Fialka: Eat, Drink, Dance, Relax
The Waitresses: Hangover 1.1.83
Eva-Tone Soundsheets: 6:13 That'll Change Your Ideas About Sound
Black Dice: Peace In The Valley
Jimmy Saville: Ahab The Arab
Godiego: The Birth Of The Odyssey / Monkey Magic
Sandy Nelson: Quite A Beat
Friendly Science Orchestra: Baby In The Box
Cobra Killer: Try It
The Canberra Carillon: O Waly Waly
Heart Sounds

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