Saturday, 8 March 2008

8th March 2008

Ennio Morricone: Saló Opening Titles
Andrew W.K.: When I'm High
Zapp: Radio People
Mieko Shimizu: Night-Owl
The Curtains: Go Lucky
Eats Tapes: Automata (Wobbly: Body Party)
Please: The Shame
Clay Pedrini: New Dreams (Excerpt)
Yo! Gabba Gabba: Party In My Tummy
The Cardigans: Travelling With Charley
Thee Oh Sees: Two Drummers Disappear
Close Up Over (Black Dog Productions): Caz
Franco Micalizzi: Amusement
Christian Marclay: John Cage
Can: Pnoom
Dr John: Jet Set
Tico & Pardon: Chutro

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milk said...

Every track a spliffin killer.