Saturday, 16 February 2008

16th February 2008

Jona Lewie: Hallelujah Europa (Part 1)
Dirty Projectors: Imagine It
Pale Saints: Time Thief
Autechre: bnc Castl
Nu Shooz: Point Of No Return
Paradise Island: Getup
Cabaret Voltaire: NagNagNag (Akufen Karaoke Slam Mix)
The Gaylettes: Here Comes That Feeling
Village People: Food Fight
Those Dancing Days: Those Dancing Days
The Flying Lizards: Her Story
Björk: Cvalda
J.Lachen: Räven Haltar På Sitt Femte Ben
Ariel Pink: Immune To Emotion
Jim O'Rourke: Not Sport, Marital Art
Royal Trux: Money For Nothing

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