Monday, 4 October 2010

Ego Gymnastics

Today, the official Resonance FM Twitter feed looked like this:

A casual observer might be tempted to wonder what prompted this message, so here's the background story:

On 26th August 2010, I received the following email from Richard Thomas, Content Manager at Resonance FM:

Happy to discuss the matter, I responded immediately with this email:

As Richard's original message mentioned that my show would be paused from November, I was keen to continue this conversation, at least as far as clarifying which specific date would be the last show before the break. Alas I never received a response, despite a couple of gentle prompts:

I continued to do my show, with the slight nagging feeling that, as November approached, I would really like to hear back from Richard, so that I could hear his response to the points I'd raised, but mainly so that I knew when to stop travelling in to the station in order to broadcast.

Three hours before what was to be last Saturday's edition of Rotogravure, a friend who works at the station called me up and told me that the show had been cancelled. I asked him to forward me the email in question, as this was the first I'd heard about it, so here it is:

Rather than the show taking a break from November as originally suggested, this word-of-mouth message revealed that there would be no more Rotogravure as of now, this being the start of October.

I took great offence at the fact that a radio station Content Manager would send me an email informing of plans to alter a long-running radio show, then fail to respond to a perfectly polite reply sent that same day, eschewing any further discussion in favour of dropping the show from the schedule without warning - a whole month before the original date suggested - and failing to let me know that this was happening, despite having five weeks in which to do so.

For this reason, among others, I decided to call it a day, telling Resonance FM that I no longer wished to broadcast my show. Apparently this constitutes "ego gymnastics".

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UPDATE 6/10/10 - Resonance FM apologises:

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